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National President

Milton Dyck

Second National Executive Vice-President
Work Phone: 613-560-4306 Cell Phone: 306-741-9061
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Milton Dyck was elected Fourth National Executive Vice-President (NEVP) of the Agriculture Union in 2013 filling a vacant executive seat. At the time he was sitting on National Council as the Regional Vice-President (RVP) for Southern Saskatchewan.

Milton’s involvement as an elected Union representative started in 2004 when he was elected as Vice-President of Local 54 in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. In 2005, Milton was elected President of Local 54 and Alternate Regional Vice-President for Southern Saskatchewan. In 2008, Milton was elected Regional Vice-President for Southern Saskatchewan and continued to fill that seat until November 2013 when he was elected as 4th National Executive Vice-President.

Re-engaging the membership was one of Milton’s primary focuses when he became RVP. One of his starting objectives was to integrate the 600 members of the PFRA (Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Association) into the membership of the Agriculture Component. The other focus of Milton’s first term soon became work force adjustment and employee transition. The devolution of the farm income program to the provinces of Saskatchewan and British Columbia was one of the largest work force adjustments in the Federal government since the 90s. The downsizing of the Federal Public Service in 2013 and the transfer of provincial meat inspection continued to keep Milton busy in his second term as RVP.

Milton has served his region as the chair of several regional union management committees, occupational health and safety committees and workforce adjustment committees.

Milton is also a member of Agriculture Canada’s National Occupational Health and Safety committee.

Milton is honored to be elected as 4th NEVP and looks forward to serving the membership in his new duties as well as working together with the Human Rights committee.

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National Executive

The Agriculture Union’s National Executive is comprised of a National President and four National Executive Vice-Presidents. These five national officers are Agriculture Union members, elected by the delegates at our union’s National Triennial Convention.

The National President and First National Executive Vice-President are both full-time officers, based at the Agriculture Union’s National Office in Ottawa.

The National Executive ensures that our union’s resources are appropriately allocated and that its activities reflect the will of the membership. It meets four times a year.

Brief biographies and contact information for our other National Executive officers can be seen below.

National Council

The National Council serves as the Agriculture Union’s governing body between triennial conventions.  Its members are directly elected by grassroots delegates at our union’s National Triennial Convention.

The National Council is made up of the National Executive and:

  • Regional Vice-Presidents, who represent defined geographical regions of the country; and
  • The National Director for Human Rights.

The National Council meets twice a year to oversee the operation of the union between conventions.

In addition to the National Executive, its current members, along with the Locals they represent, can be seen below.

Past Presidents

Our Union is fortunate to have had a tradition of dedicated, effective National Presidents.

The individuals noted below have contributed immensely to the strength and success of today’s Agriculture Union. The asterisk indicates that the individual is deceased.

Photo of Yves Ducharme Photo of Yves Ducharme Photo of Larry Leng
Bob Kingston 2008-2017

Yves Ducharme


Larry Leng 1993-1999
Photo of Fred Coates Photo of Albert Burke Photo of D.K. Yost

Fred Coates


Albert Burke


D.K. Yost *1970-1981
Photo of Andy Stewart

Andy Stewart *


Life Members

Life Membership is the highest honour the Agriculture Union can bestow on a member of our Union. The awarding of Life Memberships is decided by the National Council according to the direction provided in our by-laws:

“Life Membership may be awarded to any current and/or retired member who, through personal and devoted efforts in the affairs of this Union , has performed exemplary services for the membership.”

The uniqueness of this recognition is shown by the fact that there can only be 10 Life Memberships at any one time. Life Members who are deceased are also recognized on this page.

Below is the list of current Life Members of the Agriculture Union:

  • Albert Burke
  • Fred Coates
  • Yves Ducharme
  • Larry Leng
  • R.S. Pani Panickar
  • Claude Parent
  • Gilles Pelletier
  • Henriette Pollon
  • Charles Prest
  • Denis Sicard
  • Raphaël Tarasco

Life members who have passed away:

  • André Sénéchal
  • A.I. (Andy) Stewart
  • Howard Willems
  • J.K. Yost