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Our Social Justice Fund provides renewed support for two worthy projects

Basic details of proposed CFIA contract released as PSAC organizes ratification vote

Epidemic of stress sweeps ‘dysfunctional’ CFIA: employees seek counselling at rate three times the federal average

Tentative agreement reached in CFIA talks

New Toronto member wins iPad as our latest Rand sign-up campaign ends

As CFIA contract talks resume, a reminder that the collective agreement restricts how union information is communicated in the workplace

PSAC urging CFIA members to write Health Minister over inequitable and unfair implementation of the ‘alternation’ process

Friendly reminder to all locals

2014 Regional Seminars begin this month

US audit uncovers familiar problems with Canada’s meat safety system

Strike preparation courses underway for CFIA members as employer makes a farce of serious negotiations

Briefing Note: MPs misled about changes to diminish health and safety in the Canada Labour Code

Parliament Hill news conference part of growing momentum to halt proposed gutting of workplace health and safety protections

News Release: C-4 encourages unsafe workplaces


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