Parliament Hill news conference part of growing momentum to halt proposed gutting of workplace health and safety protections

Agriculture Union National President Bob Kingston is warning that workers will be forced to choose between their job and their health or even life if the Harper government’s planned gutting of current workplace health and safety protections proceeds.

Kingston’s pointed comments came as part of his remarks to a November 20 Parliament Hill news conference called to condemn the watering down of workplace health and safety protection contained in the Harper government’s omnibus budget bill, C-4.

C-4 encourages unsafe workplaces

Ottawa – Work will be more dangerous if proposed changes to health and safety laws in Ottawa’s latest omnibus budget measure, Bill C-4, become law, according to Rob Ellis, whose teenage son was killed at work during his second day on the job.

Ellis, a workplace health and safety advocate, and Bob Kingston, President of the PSAC’s Agriculture Union, are in Ottawa today to urge parliamentarians to change the Bill.

Our Social Justice Fund donates $10,000 to Philippines typhoon relief

The Agriculture Union Social Justice Fund is making a $10,000 contribution to the massive relief effort now underway following the devastating typhoon that struck the Philippines with incredible force on November 8.

The donation, which was moved by the National Executive, is being made to Oxfam Canada. As the federal government has pledged to match private contributions dollar-for-dollar, the impact of our donation will be doubled.

Conservatives’ changes to health and safety protections will literally put your life at risk

The Conservative government is set to ram through unprecedented changes to federal labour laws that will dramatically undercut your workplace rights and our ability to protect you and advance your interests.

These radical actions were buried in a massive ‘omnibus’ budget bill tabled in the House of Commons on October 22. The measures – amendments to various labour laws, including the Public Service Labour Relations Act and the Canada Labour Code – were brought down without either advance warning or consultation.

Donation from our Social Justice Fund will help rebuild lives in wake of last summer’s Lac-Mégantic tragedy

The Agriculture Union Social Justice Fund is making a one-time $10,000 donation to help the people of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec rebuild their community – and their lives – following last summer’s horrific train car explosion.

The request for the donation was made by Jacquelin Carrier, President of Local 10008, whose work as a meat inspector often took him to the picturesque Eastern Township town.