Triennial National Convention

The Agriculture Union’s Triennial National Convention is the supreme governing body of our Union.

Convention delegates are elected across the country by Local Union members. This democratic, grass-roots process ensures the Convention representation reflects the composition of our Union.


As the voice of their co-workers, Convention delegates have many responsibilities. These include: adopting and amending the Agriculture Union’s By-laws and Regulations; adopting the budget; passing policy resolutions; electing the National Executive and National Council; and choosing delegates to the Public Service Alliance of Canada’s own Triennial Convention.

Each Agriculture Union Local has the opportunity to submit resolutions for consideration at our Convention. All Union activities – policy, finance, administration and services – are open for consideration.
Resolutions, policy papers and our Union’s operating budget are discussed, debated and put to a vote.

When adopted, they become the official policy of the Agriculture Union and are implemented by the Executive and Council.

During the Convention, we post daily updates with photos and capsule comments on our Web site, so that our members across the country can stay on top of events.

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