Agriculture Union members urged to complete Public Service Employee Survey

Our members at the Canadian Food Inspection Agency on September 7 received a joint email from the employer and the Agriculture Union urging their participation in this year’s Public Service Employee Survey.

As of that date, only one in three CFIA employees had completed the survey. We think it’s important that as many members as possible do so. There’s no downside. And many good reasons to do so.

The annual survey is a comprehensive vehicle to gauge the overall attitude and temperament of the federal government workforce. More specifically, it seeks candid views on such key measures as leadership, respect, diversity and well-being.

While the response identifies the concerns and needs of the workforce, it goes far beyond that. The Agriculture Union and our bargaining agent, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, use the Survey data to reinforce our consultations and negotiations with CFIA management.

If you’re concerned about being identified, don’t be. Your responses are confidential and are protected under the Statistics Act. Individual results are never shared with anyone. To further safeguard respondents’ identity and to ensure the confidentiality, responses are grouped, and no data is made available for groups of fewer than 10 respondents.

Now there’s a push – fully supported by the Agriculture Union – to urge as many of our members as possible to complete the Survey. You’ll be doing yourself a favour, and assisting your union in representing your interests.

If you missed the September 7 email, the Survey can be accessed HERE on the Statistics Canada Web site.

The cut-off for Survey responses is the end of September, so please participate today!