Burnt by Phoenix? Help turn up the heat for a fix to the chaotic pay system!

Have you been burnt by Phoenix, the problem-plagued pay system? If so, you’re far from alone. Incredibly, up to 200,000 federal public service workers have seen their personal finances thrown into confusion and, in many cases, chaos.

The Agriculture Union, and our bargaining agent the Public Service Alliance of Canada, have been pressing the government to accelerate its efforts to rebuild or replace Phoenix. But that doesn’t help our members who are facing pay issues right now. So, the PSAC has put together a special section of its Web site that provides comprehensive help dealing with the many pay problems you’re facing.

Whether overpaid, underpaid or not paid at all, you’ll get answers and directions HERE to find your way through the Phoenix maze. In particular, there’s an explanation of how to receive compensation for out-of-pocked expenses incurred because of Phoenix pay problems. These include such expenses as banking fees for non-sufficient funds (NSF), financial penalty charges and interest levies.

Of course, what’s needed is a long-term fix for Phoenix. While the origins of the current pay fiasco can be laid squarely at the feet of the former Conservative government, the Trudeau Liberals put Phoenix into effect knowing its was full of bugs.

Accordingly, PSAC has stepped up its pressure on the government to get serious about dealing with the Phoenix problem. It wants your help in turning the Phoenix heat back on the politicians.

We’re urging all Agriculture Union members, whether or not you’ve been affected by Phoenix, to visit the PSAC Web site HERE to add your names to an electronic petition to the Prime Minister demanding action. Just click on the ‘Sign the petition’ button!

On that same Web page, members can also opt to receive email updates on the Phoenix issue and the steps your union is making to take forward your concerns.