It is becoming increasingly clear that securing a fair deal in this round of negotiations will not be possible without a mass mobilization and action by our members across the country.


One Million Dollar Strike Fund

The National Executive of the Agriculture Union has approved a temporary strike fund of one million dollars for our members.  This strike fund shall be paid out at a rate of $25 per day, per member, for those who will be participating in the picket line.  These funds are over and above the amount given by PSAC.

For the latest on CFIA negotiations click here.

For the latest on TB negotiations click here.  Make sure you’re registered for strike votes taking place across the country from February 22 to April 19.

We will not accept any concessions and will continue to fight for a fair contract with improvements to working conditions, including wages that keep up with the skyrocketing cost of living.

The only way we’ll achieve that is by taking a stand together and showing this government we’re prepared to take strike action to make sure workers don’t continue to fall behind.