The Bargaining Team charged with negotiating a new collective agreement for Agriculture Union members employed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency kicked off its work in Ottawa on May 26 to 28.

Team members came together for the first time since their election at the CFIA National Bargaining Conference. Assembling a package of bargaining demands to present to the employer was the first task at hand.

The Team’s bargaining update, issued at the close of their inaugural three-day Ottawa meeting, can be read HERE. We urge our members to sign up for future Team updates to stay informed as a likely challenging round of negotiations proceeds.­


The above photo of the CFIA Bargaining Team was taken May 28. Jacques Rousseau was absent at the time. Other team members are: Eryn Butterfield; Rick Cormier; Richard Hilson; Bob Kingston; Terri Lee; Randy Olynyck; Marlene O’Neil and Karen Zoller. Supporting the team are Hassan Husseini (PSAC Negotiator) and Bonnie Bates (PSAC Research Officer)