For immediate release

5 May 2020


Ottawa – The Prime Minister’s announcement today concerning safety in food processing plants completely misses the mark, according to the Agriculture Union which represents federal food inspectors.

“We’re disappointed. If we had been consulted, we would have advised the federal government to get off the sidelines and exercise their responsibility and authority over federally regulated food processors when there are outbreaks and to shut them down when they are not safe,” said President Fabian Murphy.

“Generally speaking, a handout to processors is not going to solve the issue of protecting workers safety if they cannot access adequate personal protective gear.

It might result in separation of workstations on the production line, but it will do little to address cramped quarters elsewhere in the hallways, lunchrooms, and washrooms of the plants.”

“You can give processors all the money you want.  The fact is, there is a shortage of personal protective equipment.  The supplies that are available are dedicated to the health care industry which needs them.  We need them too, but they are simply not available.”


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