Local in Charlottetown once again brings a Happy Easter to deserving PEI families

Agriculture Union Local 90004’s traditional generosity has made this Easter a great deal happier for many deserving families on Prince Edward Island.

Continuing a longstanding tradition, the Local in Charlottetown donated hundreds of kilograms of dressed, packaged beef to Island food banks just in time for holiday dinners. The valuable gift was made possible by the Local’s purchase of a champion steer at the annual Easter Beef Show in Charlottetown.

Besides the direct benefit to the families, Local 90004’s donation serves to highlight the important contribution Agriculture Union members make to both the PEI economy and the safety and security of the Island’s food supply.

Funding for the much-appreciated gift was shared by Local 90004, the Agriculture Union Social Justice Fund and the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

Additional information on this generous holiday gesture can be found HERE.