Newly-elected National Council ready to face challenges of next three years

Delegates to last month’s Triennial National Convention have elected a new National Council to chart our union’s course through the next three years. The Council – comprising the National Executive, Regional Vice-Presidents and the National Director for Human Rights – is the Agriculture Union’s governing body between Conventions.

The next three years are expected to be challenging, with the current round of bargaining for our members employed by Treasury Board to be particularly difficult. As well, the Harper government will be continuing its attacks on Agriculture Union members as it gears up for a federal election in the autumn of 2015.

Stability and confidence were the orders of the day, as delegates re-elected National President Bob Kingston and First National Executive Vice-President Fabian Murphy to further three-year terms. These are both full-time positions.

The National Executive was rounded out by the three following part-time Executive Vice-Presidents:

  • Rick Cormier – Second National Executive Vice-President;
  • Milton Dyck – Third National Executive Vice-President; and
  • Barb Kristjansson – Fourth National Executive Vice-President.

In keeping with the responsible governance that has marked the financial affairs of our union through a period of major government downsizing, Convention delegates agreed to reduce the size of the National Council.

One of the two former Regional Vice-President positions in Saskatchewan was abolished. Similarly, the Southwestern Ontario RVP position was folded into the Southern Ontario position.

Finally, three Employer Director positions – that had represented members employed by the Department of National Defence, the Canadian Grain Commission and the Public Service Commission of Canada – were eliminated. These members will now be represented by the existing Regional Vice-Presidents in their geographical area.