Phoenix Damages

This unfortunate process has been triggered by Treasury Board’s determination to send the Phoenix damages pay out despite still being in consultation with PSAC about whether the damages where taxable or not. Treasury Board’s decision to unilaterally roll-out these payments has once again caused many more problems. As recommended by Treasury Board, we advise you to first engage with your HR team (or compensation team if appropriate) to determine why you have not received compensation. By doing so, you and the HR team can review the information to identify the problems and correct any mistakes.

In order for you to receive the correct compensation amount, your period of employment has to be accurately reflected in PeopleSoft. Should additional information or action be required, you can reach out to the employer’s Client Contact Centre. You should also be aware that you may be required to provide HR with evidence that you have not been compensated for the time period while being under another bargaining unit or excluded position. If the above steps fail to bring about resolution or HR disagrees then communicate with your Local Representative to file a grievance. However, you must ensure that you followed all the recommended steps before doing so.

For additional information, please consult the Treasury Board and PSAC websites. For ease of reference, please consult the following links:

PSAC – FAQ Phoenix Damages Compensation:

Treasury Board – General Compensation for Damages Related to Phoenix:

We also encourage you to keep your contact information up to date via the PSAC member portal to continue receiving information about the Phoenix settlement.