The problem-plagued Phoenix pay system was front-and-centre in this month’s bargaining round with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Countless numbers of federal public service workers, including those at the CFIA, are receiving incorrect or delayed pay. The many major problems associated with the Phoenix system, introduced by Harper Conservatives, are still not being adequately addressed by the current Liberal government.

Tinkering with Phoenix and downplaying the problem are not the answer when more drastic action is required.

In addition to the many pay snafus, it now appears Phoenix also compromises federal employees’ personal information, raising serious privacy issues.

Our bargaining agent, the Public Service Alliance, and other federal government unions are going to the Federal Court to force the government to act. The unions are arguing that continued use of the Phoenix system constitutes a breach of the employer’s duty to provide timely and accurate pay for public service employees.

CFIA management reported on what is being done to fix these issues during the July 12-14 contract talks. Agriculture Union members employed by the Agency who have encountered problems related to the Phoenix system should communicate directly with the employer at

In the event concerns are not addressed by the employer, contact your Agriculture Union workplace representative. It should also be noted that members are entitled to access priority pay if they have not received their pay on time.

The PSAC has posted additional information on the Phoenix system debacle HERE.