Agriculture Union and CFIA have been working together to resolve the long standing PI/EG-03 Plant Program Inspector statement of duties grievances.  The parties have reached an agreement regarding these statement of duties grievances.

No changes were made to the EG-03 Plant Program Inspector work description. Duties relating to nuclear stock potatoes will remain exclusively in the EG-04 Plant Program Specialist Inspectors statement of duties.

The employer, however, recognized that those EG-03 Plant Program Inspectors who performed nuclear stock potato duties are entitled to acting pay at the EG-04 group and level for the periods they can demonstrate they performed those duties.

If you were performing nuclear stock potato duties between June 30, 2000 and April 19, 2006 and have not already received compensation for this work, please contact the Agriculture Union no later than Monday May 22, 2017, by sending an email to