Preparations well underway for next month’s Triennial National Convention

It’s the most important event in the life of the Agriculture Union. It only comes around once every three years. And it starts next month.

Delegates representing grassroots Local members from across the country will come together in Winnipeg August 13 to 16 to chart our Union’s course over the next three years. All union activities – policy, finance, administration and services – are open for consideration.

We’ve established a special page on our Web site – located HERE – that allows all members a glimpse into the Convention, the supreme governing body of the Agriculture Union. Official reports from Regional Vice-Presidents and National Directors, the composition of Convention Committees and a list of all resolutions submitted by Locals are already available for viewing.

Delegates will face important responsibilities during the four days of Convention. The Agriculture Union’s By-laws and Regulations must be updated. A budget has to be debated and accepted. Policy resolutions must be adopted. And delegates to the 2015 Triennial Convention of our bargaining agent, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, must be chosen.

Perhaps most importantly, the women and men who will comprise our National Executive and National Council will be elected to serve a new three-year term of office.