PSAC pre-election advertising campaign highlights food safety issue

A likely million drivers who took to Toronto’s Gardiner Expressway during the recent Pan-American Games were treated to a sight of an arresting billboard – an image of blood draining from a maple leaf along with an exhortation to Vote to Stop the Cuts.

The vivid display was part of a major campaign launched by our bargaining agent, the Public Service, to focus public attention on the major damage the Harper government has inflicted on public services.

The Vote to Stop the Cuts campaign includes billboards, posters, radio ads and targeted Web and social media content. It encourages Canadians to cast a ballot in the next federal election for candidates who oppose further cuts and seek to restore vital public services.

Food safety is one of the half-dozen featured issues of the PSAC campaign. Other topics are support for veterans, border security, search and rescue, employment Insurance and environmental protection.

Information on this comprehensive public campaign, including the specific ad on food safety, can be viewed HERE.