Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of questions that consistently confront Local Officers and members as they deal with workplace matters. We have outlined the most frequently-raised issues below, and have pointed you to a particular document in the Agriculture Union’s KeyInfo resource binder that provides the answer.

Number one You are preparing for your first local UMC. What issues can you place on the meeting agenda?FIND THE ANSWER HERE!
Number two What types of grievance can be referred to adjudication? Who can refer these grievances?FIND THE ANSWER HERE!
Number three A member feels he has been discriminated against by your employer. What are the grounds of discrimination recognized by the Canadian Human Rights Act? What actions or recourse would you advise?FIND THE ANSWER HERE!
Number four There’s more to the Agriculture Union than ‘agriculture’. As a union, how many employers and agencies does our Component represent?FIND THE ANSWER HERE!
Number five A member has received a new job description along with the classification group and level. She is not happy with the classification level. What advice would you give her?FIND THE ANSWER HERE!
Number six What is a ‘Rand’ ? Does a Rand have the right to union representation?FIND THE ANSWER HERE!
Number seven Every union member pays dues. How are your dues divided between the Local, the Agriculture Union and the Public Service Alliance of Canada?FIND THE ANSWER HERE!
Number eight What is ‘duty to accommodate’?FIND THE ANSWER HERE!
Number nine Is an arbitrator able to interpret the Canadian Human Rights Act? Can he award damages for pain and suffering, as well as punitive damages. If so, what is the maximum amount?FIND THE ANSWER HERE!
Number ten Who is your Agriculture Union Regional Vice-President or National Director?FIND THE ANSWER HERE!
Number eleven What are the three types of grievance under the new Public Service Labour Relations Act?FIND THE ANSWER HERE!
Number twelve What is grievance mediation? What are its advantages?FIND THE ANSWER HERE!
Number thirteen A member believes he would be placing himself in “danger” when performing some of his duties. What is the definition of danger as set out in the Canada Labour Code, Part II? What recourse would you recommend?FIND THE ANSWER HERE!