Update Your Membership Information

Agriculture Union members can and do often move – from job to job, office to office and city to city. The employer does not provide the union with this information. We can’t provide you with representation and services if we don’t know where you are!

If you, or another Agriculture Union member you know, need to change their union contact information, please make use of the electronic Change of Address located below.

Once this form is completed, a click of the mouse will send it to our National Office. That’s all it takes!

Grievance Forms

When filing a grievance, access to the proper form is essential.

Clicking on any of the following titles will take you directly to the appropriate page on the Treasury Board Web site for information and access to the grievance form you selected.



To view our KeyInfo information sheet on grievances available on our Web site, click here.

Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board (FPSLREB) Forms

The FPSLREB Website has the forms required to file a staffing complaint.

For more detailed information on the staffing complaint process and the FPSLREB procedures, please consult the Procedural Guide for Staffing Complaints. If you choose to be represented during the complaint process, it is your responsibility to advise your Union representative as soon as possible that you have filed a complaint.


FPSLREB Complaint Forms:


The forms listed below are available HERE.

  • Form 1 – Notice of Complaint
  • Form 2 – Names and Addresses of Parties
  • Form 3 – Request for Order for Provision of Information
  • Form 4 – Application for Intervenor Status
  • Form 5 – Notice to the Canadian Human Rights Commission
  • Form 6 – Objection re Timeliness of Complain
  • Form 7 – Allegations
  • Form 8 – Request to Add or Amend Allegations
  • Form 9 – Reply to Complaint
  • Form 10 – Notice of Withdrawal

Bursary / Scholarship Form

Social Justice Fund Form

If you are interesting in receiving financial support from the Agriculture Union Social Justice Fund for a particular project, click on the following links to download information.  NOTE: Applications may only be made by members in good standing of the Agriculture Union.

Applications should be sent to the:

Agriculture Union Social Justice Fund Committee c/o Fabian Murphy First National Executive Vice-President Agriculture Union 233 Gilmour Street, Suite 1000 Ottawa, ON  K2P 0P2