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Our ‘KeyInfo’ information kit contains a series of union fact sheets of use to both Local Executive officers and the membership in general.

The topics listed below – in alphabetical order – will be revised and added to on an ongoing basis. Click on the PDF icon beside each topic to download the fact sheet.

For New Members: Click HERE to download the Orientation for new members.


Table of Contents February 2014
Agriculture Union: An Overview January 2012
Agriculture Union National Council and Standing Committees  January 2012
Agriculture Union Regional Seminars February 2011
Bursary and Scholarships February 2011
Collective Bargaining Process: Roles of the Agriculture Union and the PSAC February 2011
Collective Bargaining Process: Roles of the Agriculture Union and the PSAC  February 2011
Collective Bargaining Process: Treasury Board Conciliation Route February 2011
Collective Bargaining Process: CFIA February 2011
Duty to Accommodate September 2011
Essential Services February 2011
Grievances December 2011
Grievance Recourse February 2011
Grievances and Complaints: PSAC Steward Factsheet August 2012
Harassment and Bullying: Forms of Workplace Violence January 2015
Health and Safety in the Workplace February 2011
Health Evaluations and Independent Medical Examinations December 2012
Hospitality Policy November 2019
Human Rights Committee (Agriculture Union) January 2012
Human Rights Issues February 2011
Local Secretary-Treasurer’s/Treasurer’s Handbook September 2007
Managerial and Confidential Exclusions from the Bargaining Unit February 2011
Policy on Violence/Harassment in the workplace involving member vs. member February 2014
National Joint Council and NJC Grievances February 2011
Pensions and Pensionable Benefits November 2011
Reading the Membership Listing Computer Print-Out April 2006
Social Justice Fund (Agriculture Union) February 2011
Staffing Complaints and Recourse February 2011
Union-Management Consultation Committees, Agenda Form February 2011
Union Dues February 2011
Work-Life Balance February 2011