It is with heavy hearts that we post that Bob Jackson an Agriculture Union leader for 35 years passed away on the morning of July 4th, 2021. Bob started his union involvement almost immediately upon joining the federal service, becoming a shop steward in 1982. Eventually becoming a Vice President and President of his local.  In 1993 Bob was elected as regional Vice President of Western British Columbia and the Yukon. A position on the Agriculture Union National Council which he held for the next 18 years. In 2011 Bob was elected the PSAC’s Regional Executive Vice President taking a seat on the Alliance executive and the National Board of Directors. Bob continued in this position until 2017 when he retired. In 2017 Bob was inducted into the list of life members of the Agriculture Union. Bob continued to attend the regional seminars in BC as an elder unionist sharing his knowledge and experience with a new generation of activists.

Bob will always be remembered as a passionate champion of our members rights and of their need to work in a safe environment. Bob was also a passionate defender of the rights of our grass roots members and that we should never forget to hear their voice and remember that we were spending their dues and needed to respect that. Bob would argue his points passionately in any venue and certainly livened up many a Union council meeting and Union Management meeting. Bob will also be remembered for his warm nature and his willingness to help and give advice to any who asked.

Bob left a great legacy in the Agriculture Union, we will miss him dearly. We would like to offer our condolences to his partner Michelle (who was a 9- year member of our National Council and tremendous unionist in her own right) their families and all of the friends and acquaintances who knew him, loved him and will cherish their memories of him.