The CFIA Joint Harassment Awareness Committee (HAT) includes Barb Kristjansson (co-chair), Marlene O’Neil and Rick Cormier (alternate).  The committee has been working diligently with CFIA to update our training and materials with the assistance of the PSAC and the National Joint Learning Program.  This program went off the rails in 2012 when DRAP occurred but we are back on track and moving forward.  Our TB members have similar training delivered at their workplaces through the Joint Learning Program.

We are seeking facilitators who are skilled at presenting adult education, have at least a Steward standing in their local and Occupational Health & Safety experience, and are able to work well with Management co-presenters.  Participants also need to be CFIA employees, as CFIA is covering all costs associated with the Train the Trainer as well as the ongoing employee training sessions.

Selected individuals must have an ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with participants, co-facilitators, management and union representatives.  Requirements include:

1) Some experience in facilitation for adult learning;
2) Must meet one of the language profiles (delivered in English or delivered in French); and
3) Commitment to the objectives and program of harassment awareness and a sensitivity to the issue of harassment.

If selected, successful completion of a train-the-trainer session is required prior to delivering the half day training.  The work associated with this training is work of the employer and your costs and time will be covered.

The time commitment includes two days for the train the trainer course and depending on demand and number of trainers, delivery of at least 2, ½ day sessions per year.  There may be conference calls with the training team on occasions for feedback and discussion of best practices to continually improve this important program.


If interested, please complete the Application and submit by email to with a cc to your RVP and Local President.

Deadline for applications is SEPTEMBER 2, 2016.  Later applications will be considered based on vacancies not filled.

The HAT is an excellent example of a Union and Management co-developed and co-delivery initiative determined years past through collective bargaining that benefits all employees at CFIA.