Members’ Benefits

Membership in the Agriculture Union and the Public Service Alliance of Canada provides our members a broad range of services and benefits. We’re a democratic vehicle for addressing shared issues, problems and working conditions from a position of solidarity and strength.

Members in good standing get the opportunity to have a full say in the structure and activities of our union, such as:

  • Workplace representation;
  • Grievance and adjudication handling;
  • Collective bargaining for improved wages and benefits;
  • Union education courses;
  • Specialized training and representation in such areas as health and safety and human rights;
  • Internal and external communication of workplace issues;
  • Formal meetings with senior management; and
  • Lobbying of politicians.

Your tax-deductible dues also offer the opportunity of leveraging the PSAC’s large membership to get highly-competitive rates on a number of useful services.

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