To all CFIA members that may be impacted by the implementation of MSIP

Further to the message sent to all staff from the VP Operations on 27/11/19

The Agriculture Union has been consulting with CFIA on the implementation of MSIP-Hog since the original pilots in 2018 in two hog slaughter establishments in Alberta. During these consultations the union pointed out there was a lack of scientific data and performance indicators to support full implementation of MSIP-Hog. The Agency agreed to expand this pilot in three establishments and asked the union to continue their participation.

In addition to consultation the MSIP-Hog pilots the union pushed for the establishment of a Joint Employment Transition Committee (NJETC) to consult on the impact the implementation of MSIP may have on our members. Meetings were held at National and Area levels earlier in 2019 and a meeting of the NJETC will be held December 3, 2019.

It is unfortunate but the message sent to all staff from the VP Operations on 27/11/19 shows the CFIA is not serious about consulting meaningfully with the union on the implementation of MSIP-Hog. It also sends a clear message that CFIA plans full implementation of MSIP-Hog despite the lack of scientific data and performance indicators.

The President of CFIA has been made aware the Agriculture Union does not fully support MSIP-Hog and will take action on behalf of it’s members and the Canadian Public to prevent the erosion of Canada’s food inspection programs.


Fabian Murphy
National President
Agriculture Union