The work of two veteran members from Quebec has been recognized by the National Council with Life Memberships in the Agriculture Union.

It’s a relatively rare but well-deserved honour. The prestigious award pays tribute to those women and men whose selfless dedication to the well-being of their union ‘brothers and sisters’ have earned them a special place in the history and progress of our union.

The maximum number of Life Memberships is set by the National Council, which reviews nominations for this exclusive group. The two latest long-serving members to receive Life Memberships are indeed worthy of the tribute.

Raphaël Tarasco retired from Montreal’s Local 10012 after three decades of working for Agriculture Union members. From first serving as a Local steward in 1983, Raphaël became ever-more-deeply involved: from Local Health and Safety Chair to Local Vice-President and President and ultimately Regional Vice-President for Western Quebec. He capped his union career as our Third National Executive Vice-President from 2011 to 2014.

Denis Sicard, who has also retired from Local 10012, devoted almost a quarter-century of his life to defending the rights of Agriculture Union members. His labour career in many respects paralleled that of Raphaël.

Denis first became a Local Union officer in 1988, and by 1994 had been elected as Vice-President, a post he was to hold for three years. In 1996, he was chosen by our Western Quebec members to serve as their Regional Vice-President on the National Council. In 2002, Denis held successive three-year terms as Fourth, Third and finally Second National Executive Vice-President.

Well-deserved congratulations on this special recognition to both Raphaël and Denis! You have our gratitude and thanks for your exceptional efforts.


Raphaël Tarasco,  Yves Ducharme (former National President and Life Member)  and Denis Sicard

Photo Pat St-Georges