Update on the PI/EG Review Grievance Files!

After many years of delays and several failed attempts to resolve these grievances, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Agriculture Union have agreed to steps aimed at addressing the longstanding PI/EG files.

While a mediated settlement was reached in 2005 for some members who had filed job description grievances in 2000, lump sum grievances, acting pay grievances and unique grievances were still left pending.

Now, both sides have agreed to work collaboratively with the goal to try and resolve all outstanding grievances by the end of the current fiscal year – March 31, 2017.

So the PI/EG Review has been, to say the least, a long and frustrating road for many of our members. The Agriculture Union very much appreciates the tenacity and understanding of those members affected by the Review who stood by their union as we made our way through this long and challenging process. 

We will continue to provide updates on the results of our meetings over the next few months.