2014 Regional Seminars begin this month

The annual cross-country round of Agriculture Union Regional Seminars kicks off later this month and continues through March.

The dates and, where known, the locales for each Regional Seminar are as follows:

  • Manitoba and Northwest Ontario – Thunder Bay, January 24-26;
  • Atlantic – St-John, NB, February 21-23;
  • Alberta – Red Deer, February 28 – March 2;
  • British Columbia – Harrison Hot Springs, March 7-9;
  • Quebec – March 14-16;
  • Ontario – March 21-23; and
  • Saskatchewan – Saskatoon, March 28-30.

Regional Vice-Presidents and Directors are responsible for organizing the Seminars and determining content that best meets their Locals’ issues and needs. Each Local within a region selects its Seminar participants. While these delegates have the responsibility of ensuring their members’ concerns are aired, they are also expected to share national and regional information with their coworkers on their return.

The Regional Seminars themselves are a combination of education, information-sharing and networking. Skills-building workshops and topical information is provided by educators and facilitators from the Agriculture Union, the Public Service Alliance and relevant outside organizations. The process is two-way, with Local representatives contributing the critical workplace perspective in open discussion.