Bill C-377: Take five minutes to help us help you

Bill C-377: Take five minutes to help us help you

It’s mean, petty and partisan. It’s Bill C-377, An Act to Amend the Income Tax Act (Requirements for Labour Organizations). And it’s one of a number of current efforts by the Harper government – including attacks on sick leave provisions – to weaken your workplace rights.

The Bill would force unions to provide excessively detailed and intrusive reports to the Canada Revenue Agency. These reports would be in addition to financial statements and other information already available to union members.

The requirements in C-377 apply only to unions. No other associations or non-profit organizations would be affected. The proposed law is nothing more than legislative harassment, designed to force us to divert time and money away from the more critical need to protect you and your rights.

Constitutional experts, Privacy Commissioners and the Canadian and Quebec Bar Associations are among those who have condemned C-377. Many say the Bill violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The Senate was established to provide a ‘sober second thought’ to rash and wrongheaded actions by government majorities in the House of Commons. Bill C-377 is a textbook example of why Senators should act to defeat this legislation.

In fact, two years ago, the Conservative-dominated Senate amended some of the worst aspects of C-377 and sent the Bill back to the House of Commons. In its typically arrogant manner, the Harper government ignored this gesture and had the original, unamend legislation reintroduced in the Senate.

The Agriculture Union and our bargaining agent, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, stand with you every day. We’ve got your back. Now, we’d like you to return the favour.

We’re asking you to take five minutes to send Senators an e-mail opposing C-377. The PSAC has simplified the process by making a sample message available HERE.

A current list of Senators can be seen HERE on the Parliament of Canada Web site. Clicking on an individual Senator’s name will take you to his or her Web page where you can find a live e-mail address.

So, please take five minutes to help us help you.