The long struggle to win a new contract for our Canadian Food Inspection Agency members will end this month with the signing of a new collective agreement.

Our bargaining agent, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, is confident that a formal signing ceremony will be held before the end of October.

Our CFIA members know that the effort to hammer out a new collective agreement was difficult and lengthy. Once the agreement was reached, there were further delays in receiving the translation of the new contract from the employer. The PSAC then had to carefully proofread the numerous changes to the agreement and the rates of pay to ensure they accurately reflected what had been settled at the bargaining table.

As part of the agreement, severance pay continues to accumulate for one month following the signing of the collective agreement. There is no timeline for when severance will be paid, but the employer has three months from date of signing to notify employees by letter of their severance entitlements. Employees have six months from date of signing to choose their severance options.

Members can check this site regularly for up to date news on the new collective agreement.