Preparations for Triennial National Convention gather steam

Preparations are well underway for the Agriculture Union’s 17th Triennial National Convention, to be held in Moncton from August 16 to 18.

Delegates representing grassroots Local members from across the country will come together to chart our Union’s course over the following three years.

All Locals received an official Convention Call from the National Office last January. Since then, meetings have been held to elect delegates who will represent their co-workers’ views at the event. Resolutions are also being drafted and submitted for consideration by the Convention Resolutions Committee.

All union activities – policy, finance, administration and services – will be open for consideration in Moncton. Our all-important By-laws and Regulations will be updated. A budget governing expenditures over the period 2018-21 will be debated and adopted. Policy resolutions on a wide variety of topical issues will be considered. And delegates to the 2018 Triennial Convention of our bargaining agent, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, must be chosen.

Perhaps most significantly, the women and men who will comprise our National Executive and National Council will be elected to serve a new three-year term of office.

Additional information on our Triennial Convention is being sent to Locals as the date for this important democratic exercise approaches.